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For Love of Hussain (AS) with Pastor John Shuck

On October 27 the ASK school was excited to welcome Pastor John Shuck who had traveled across the country to join us.  Pastor John is one of our brothers from the Christian faith - a Christian Minister from Beaverton, Oregon - and last October, he traveled to Iraq with Caravan 72, sponsored by the Husayniah Islamic Society of Seattle for the Arbaeen Pilgrimage and documented his experiences in a documentary called "For The Love of Hussain (AS)”.  

We had an opportunity to view the documentary (click here) and Pastor John then led a discussion on what Imam Hussain’s (as) call "Hal Min Nasirin Yansurna" means for our ASK scholars and that if Imam Hussain (as) is not just for Muslims then how can our ASK scholars help spread the message of Hussain (as) to the broader communities we live in.

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