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Islamic Fashion

ASK is a center for Islamic teaching and learning and thus the rules of modesty as prescribed by the Holy Quran and practiced and preached by the beloved Ahlulbayt must be followed at all times.


General Rules

  • Students, staff and parents are expected to dress according to Islamic guidelines of personal modesty. Generally this means that clothes are loose fitting and not revealing

  • Clothes containing slogans or messages that are obscene or offensive should not be worn

  • Dress code applies during ASK School timings and all ASK events outside the normal schedule (e.g. field trips, outreach, etc.)

  • While dress code will be mandatory for students 9 years and older, it is encouraged for younger students as well.


Rules for Girls

  • Full length dresses or skirts or loose, full length pants

  • Loose and long sleeve shirts

  • Hijab to cover hair


Rules for Boys

  • Loose full length pants

  • Pants must be worn at hip level such that undergarments are not revealed

  • Loose shirts, minimum half sleeve (few inches above the elbow)

  • No tank tops or muscle shirts

  • No shorts of any length

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